Alternative Wedding Venues: Rent a House for your Wedding

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Are you a bride whose dream wedding is so far from cookie-cutter you practically cringe upon being invited to the traditional church ceremony and banquet hall reception? Have you, instead, fantasized about hosting your wedding in the comfort of your own home, with a big backyard for friends and family to gather?

If this describes your wedding vision, you may have encountered the same obstacle as many others in your rhinestone-embellished shoes. Your home simply isn’t large enough to accommodate a party of 50+ guests, let alone double or triple that.

We have some tips and ideas to help you make your dreams come true!

Ah, the comfort of a wedding…in someone else’s home!

Yes, that’s right. If you can’t have a wedding at your own residence, simply rent someone else’s! Now, a lot of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a rich aunt with a mansion and three acres of lakefront real estate – if you are, well, get on the phone, girl! – but, surprisingly, Airbnb’s can be a great option. You’ll want to find locations that specifically list availability for events and communicate with the owners about what you’re planning. Every house has its own rules. In addition, be sure to ask these questions:

Some things to consider:

  • Does your property have a permit to host events?
  • Will we need a restroom trailer?
  • What is the local noise ordinance?
  • Can wedding guests stay in the house or are there any nearby hotels?

Choosing the Right Tents

Even if the majority of your event is taking place indoors, you’ll want to consider tent rentals to ensure your guests are comfortable while mingling outside, in addition to providing coverage for your ceremony if necessary.

  • Tension Tents are ideal for creating a whimsical look with their peaked tops. Although versatile and budget-friendly, you’ll want to make sure you’re allowed to drive stakes into the ground.
  • Frame Tents have all the elegance of a pole tent, and do not require stakes for support, enabling them to be erected on any surface.
  • Clearspan Tents are perfect for protecting your guests from the elements, be they rain or sunshine, and the frame is sturdy enough to support lights and speaker systems. Choose between white or clear paneling.

Multi-Purpose Seating Options

Proper seating is not something to be overlooked. With the ceremony and dinner, your guests will spend the majority of the events in their chairs. You’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable without sacrificing on elegance. Here are a few chair types that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but versatile as they can be used during the ceremony and then repurposed for dinner.

Chiavari Chair – a favorite in the wedding landscape, the chiavari chair exudes charm, class, and comfort. Available in an array of accent colors with an included seat cushion, this chair has a narrow footprint to save on space and is easily stackable.

Garden Folding Chair – The garden folding chair adds instant classic appeal to any event. With choices between wood and resin, it’s perfect for backyard and garden weddings, and can be conveniently folded to be relocated from the ceremony to the reception.

Mirage Chair – The mirage chair is ideal for an ethereal or minimalist theme, as its translucent finish makes it beautiful without being distracting. Also stackable, these chairs can be carried from one site to another.

Turning the Tables

One of the first decisions to make before configuring your seating arrangements at dinner are whether you’ll be having round or rectangle tables, or perhaps a combination of both. Remember, in addition to seating, you’ll probably want tables for your food, cake, and gifts.

Round tables encourage group conversation – as long as your centerpieces aren’t too obstructing.

Rectangle tables make interaction easier for guests seated next to and across from one another. Space-wise, rectangle tables tend to take up less room than round tables, as they can be arranged in long rows.

Highboy tables and Cabaret tables are great for cocktail hour and encourage mingling among your guests. A few of these on the lawn or patio will make this a truly social celebration.

Whether you’re planning on keeping your tables naked or dressing them to the nines, we’ve created this all-inclusive linen guide to help you ensure your tables are dressed to impress!

Dinnerware to Match your Theme

Well Dressed Tables offers extensive options for tableware to match your event! Choose plates and flatware that compliment your style, and check out our glassware rental guide to accommodate your drink menu!

Although it can be quite a checklist, there’s something to be said for having a completely customized wedding. We also recommend renting the house out for an extra couple of days before and after the big event. After putting on the celebration of the year, you’re sure to need some quality rest and relaxation!

If you’re renting a house for your wedding, chances are you’re going to need some sweet wedding rentals. Contact us for chairs, tables, linens, and anything else you need to make your space perfect.