Merry Birthday and Happy Christmas: A Guide to Gifting for the Christmas Baby in Your Life

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We all know someone whose birthday falls on or around Christmas. It’s not so bad. After all, being born on Christmas means they probably never have to go to school or work on their birthday, and double the festivities, right? Well, the first part is probably true; as for getting all the gifts and special attention that birthdays usually bring, Christmas babies definitely get the short end of the peppermint stick.

Whoever your Christmas baby may be – whether a significant other, child, best friend, you name ‘em- we have some ideas on how you can celebrate their special day and make the most wonderful time of the year extra wonderful!

No Pity Parties

Ah yes, the Christmas/Birthday party combo. With friends and family members already in town for the holidays, it might be tempting to tie some red and green balloons to the mailbox – although the cold will instantly suck the life out of them – and serve up some birthday cake with your Christmas feast, but don’t do it. Rolling your loved one’s birthday into Christmas is one of the worst things you can do, especially for children. Their gifts will be wrapped in Christmas paper, they’ll get Christmas cards instead of birthday cards, and people will be singing carols instead of Happy Birthday.

If you’ve a December birthday, there’s no need to despair. Celebrating your day during Christmastime can open a plethora of exclusive opportunities, running the gamut from ice skating parties and ski adventures to snowy shopping outings!

O Birthday Tree, O Birthday Tree

Every kid loves waking up to a decorated tree Christmas morning. There’s garland and lights and festive baubles, not to mention the pile of presents underneath. But what about doubling that excitement and having a birthday tree?

If their birthday happens in the beginning of the month, you might have time to repurpose your Christmas tree before changing it over for good ol’ St. Nick. If you have neither the time nor the energy to repurpose your tree, consider getting a separate, smaller tree that you can dress with fun-colored lights, streamers, and balloons to make it birthday-themed! And for the love of all that is O Holy Night, don’t use Christmas wrapping paper.

A Very Merry Unbirthday

A person has 364 unbirthdays a year; pick one and make it their special day! We recommend half-birthdays since that allows for six months between gifts. Celebrating an unbirthday or half-birthday ensures that friends or family members who may travel for the holidays will be able to attend. There are also opportunities for outdoor activities not possible in winter, such as pool parties and petting zoos!

Since a half-birthday for someone born in December would occur in June, you may want to consider renting a tent to keep food safe from the elements.

Christmas and Cocktails

Once Christmas babies become adults, they’re usually cooler with the idea of sharing their spotlight with a major holiday. It’s still important to acknowledge their birthday; however, with busy schedules and time off work, they might even agree to have a combined party – with stipulations, of course. They’re pretty firm on the no birthday gifts being wrapped in Christmas paper.

Instead of having an ugly sweater party, dress things up a notch and throw a cocktail party with champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Forget about the red and green tablecloths and reindeer centerpieces. Shimmery linens add a hint of winter wonder to any event! In addition to taking advantage of friends and family being in town for the holiday, capitalize on extended rental periods. Rent tables and chairs to ensure enough seating, as well as fancy glassware to make each drink its own – just don’t make the guest of honor play bartender!

We all know Christmas is about the presence of the ones we love, but birthdays really are about the presents. Kidding, kind of. But as presents go, it’s the thought that counts, and your Christmas baby will really appreciate the extra thought you put into making their birthday special in spite of the holidays.