Hosting Your Company Party this Holiday Season

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Mixed with the sounds of silver bells this season are phone calls, email alerts, and a dozen voicemails you’ve been meaning to answer. You’re revered as the most organized person in the office, crossing tasks off your to-do list and checking it twice; it’s no surprise you’ve been elected to plan your company’s holiday party.

Joy to the world.

On top of sending out Christmas cards and completing your shopping, this party is not something you need to stress about. Really. We’ve put together a guide to help you be the perfect host and deck the halls this holiday season!

Let’s Talk Tables

Once you’ve locked down your venue and confirmed an accurate headcount, you’ll be asked the first question: rectangle or round? Round tables encourage conversation among tables, but you won’t be able to fit as many in your space. Rectangle tables are more space conscious and make conversation easy for guests sitting next to and directly across from one another.

Highboy tables are a must-have for cocktail hour. With highboy tables, your guests can comfortably stand and socialize while having a surface on which to lean or set their drinks. You can rent bar stools for them if desired, but it’s not necessary as people will likely be mingling.

Choosing the Right Chair

The Chiavari is your go-to chair for this event. Formal and classically beautiful, chiavari chairs have a narrow footprint so they fit comfortably at your table. For a clean, sophisticated look, we recommend choosing black, and for an elegant, modern touch, they are also available in gold and silver.

You may also want to add an extra personalized touch by switching out the padded seat cushions available in black, white, and ivory.

Tips for Tableware

Tableware can be a great complement to your holiday decor. Since holiday colors are characteristically deep reds, navy blues, and evergreens, you may want to consider brightening things up a bit with metallic accents. Two beautiful options include the Paradise Rim set and White with Silver Rim set. To add top-notch elegance, set your plates on the Antique Mosaico Charger.

Once you have your plates picked out, we offer a variety of flatware with different weights and textures, as well as an entire catalog of glassware which will be determined by what beverages you’ll be serving. For instance, the Elegance collection is popular for parties serving wine and champagne; and a standard pint glass is a viable choice for beer.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful. The knowledgeable staff members at Well Dressed Tables are happy to help you wrap up another successful year with an unforgettable and elegant evening! In fact, your co-workers will be so impressed, you’re sure to be the elected host for next year’s holiday party – and this time, you’ll know exactly where to go!

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