For the Boho Bride

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Rumor has it that bohemian is the new rustic when it comes to fave wedding styles. Although the two are similar in many ways, the bohemian fashion is in a realm of its own with its flowy, carefree spirit, and abundance of colors and textures.

Are you a boho bride? Check out our recommendations for planning an effortlessly elegant bohemian wedding!

Venue Vibes

The bohemian couple is unconventional, driven by wanderlust rather than tradition. They surround themselves with like-minded adventurers, and their weddings, therefore, tend to be more intimate than most.

Bohemian-style weddings can be hosted at a myriad of locations, such as in a backyard, a greenhouse, a loft, or on a beach, to name a few. Their nomadic minimalism also makes them well-suited for destination weddings.

A tension tent will create a desired dreamy appearance, especially when draped with silk or printed fabrics. Hang bottles with flowers and rice lights for a romantic ambiance. Patterned rugs on the ground will add coziness, texture, and color.

Say it with Flowers

The bohemian wedding continues to rise in popularity for its effortless elegance as well as the fact that any bride worth her something blue knows she can plan her matrimony on a minimal budget. But, if there’s anything that boho weddings aren’t minimalist with, it’s flowers.

Forget about spending thousands of dollars. Boho brides often pick wildflowers for bouquets and centerpieces, or purchase fresh blooms from the local farmers market. Endlessly entwine flowers into your wedding by wrapping vines around support posts and creating a lush arch for your ceremony backdrop.

Simple Seating

Our favorite chairs for bohemian-style weddings are the simplistically elegant chiavari or farm chairs. With a mostly open back and narrow footprint, these chairs are perfect for a celebration al fresco. Add whimsical design elements by draping them with flowers or braided net, and place a different-colored cushion on each one. Your guests will appreciate the extra comfort!

Reception seating is up to you. Round or rectangle tables? It doesn’t matter, as long as everyone is able to make easy conversation. Naked wooden tables accented with lace offer just the right amount of natural charm.

Dine like a Gypsy

We are in love with this antique mosaico charger. Its cross-hatched texture and swirled ombre of gold and amber make it a dream design element for a bohemian-styled dinner. If you prefer to let your centerpieces do the talking, the square shell glass plate adds just a touch of texture without distraction. Some boho couples also collect vintage dishes from antique stores and thrift shops.

These silver and gold flatware collections, with their palatial designs, are beautiful additions to any dining set.

One of our favorite things about boho receptions is how laidback they are. There’s no need for a formal dinner. You and your guests can enjoy a buffet of local cuisine or have a variety of food trucks!


Bare Naked Cake

A naked wedding cake makes a simple yet elegant statement. Unfrosted, with ribbons of buttercream between the layers, these bare desserts are a chance to be unique without overdoing it. You can dress your cake with fresh berries, dripping chocolate, or flowers cascading down the tiers.

Remember to have the appropriate utensils nearby for when it’s time to share. This silver cake server has wonderfully ornate flourishes to reflect your decor.

The Bohemian wedding is a new favorite, and it’s easy to see why with its effervescence and simple elegance. Contact Well Dressed Tables for flatware, tables, seating, and more to help you create the boho wedding of your dreams!