For the Offbeat Bride

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Getting married but can’t picture yourself having a traditional wedding with traditional tableware at a traditional venue? Offbeat bride, this blog is for you! Embrace the fact that yours won’t be a cookie-cutter ceremony with dime-a-dozen details. We’ve got some great inspiration and party rental ideas that will make your offbeat wedding the one to beat!

Have More with Less

When it comes to planning a non-traditional wedding, first things first: the time-honored multi-tiered cake has got to go. Not only are couples often having too much fun at their receptions that they forget about it altogether, but less really is more. A smaller cake with poignant details will make a bigger impression, and you’ll have money left in your wedding budget for other things.

Continuing the theme of cutting back, slim down your guest list, too. Seriously, forget about those third cousins twice removed. A smaller guest list means you’ll have more time to spend with family and friends who really treasure you and your relationship.

It’s All in the Details

Since you’re saving all this money on cake and party favors, now you can invest in really making your offbeat theme come to life! Focus on incorporating elements of your theme into things like your invitations, name cards, cake topper, and more.

Your theme can be anything of your choosing. Some of our favorites include:

  • Movies
  • Literary (“Reader, I married him,” anyone?)
  • Circus
  • Retro

Location, Location, Location

Did we mention location? Think of your location, ie. your ceremony site and/or reception venue, as the backdrop of your wedding. What do you want people to see and feel? What ambiance do you want to create? Off-the-wall locations include:

  • Out in nature
  • Art gallery
  • Local wine bar
  • Museum

If you’re choosing to host any part of your wedding outdoors, be prepared. Rent a tent for your wedding to be sure you and your guests are protected from the elements.

Timing is Everything

Who says happy hour can’t start at 11 A.M.? After all, brunch was probably the reason mimosas were invented. If you’re opting for a brunch wedding––and we totally recommend you consider it––just be prepared for a 5 A.M. wakeup call. With a brunch wedding, you can expect to save 50% or more on dining.

Speaking of Dining

Your menu can be as alternative as you are, though it’s probably in your best interest to serve options at least the majority of your guests will enjoy. Plated dinners are an obvious choice; however, you may also consider having food trucks or pizza, and tell us an espresso bar doesn’t sound like a great idea.

Even if your feast consists of food truck fare, don’t miss out on an opportunity to treat your guests like royalty. Street tacos on a Paradise Rim dinner plate, anyone? Or how about supporting your mashed potato bar with a fleet of white gravy boats?

Bold Linen Rentals

When it comes to dressing your tables, go for the gold with the gold majestic linen in matte or satin, or perhaps the iridescent crushed gold dazzle linen. If gold isn’t the hue for you, then choose something bold to match your personality, like the white dot or the damask black and white linen.

Not every bride dreams of a traditional celebration, and what better opportunity to share your love of all things quirky and offbeat with the ones you love than at your wedding? Whether you’re planning an intimate outdoor elopement or a sweet and savory brunch at an alternative venue, Well Dressed Tables can help you choose the right rentals!