Hosting a Graduation Party at Home: Rentals to Remember

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A graduation party is a major moment in a young adult’s life, and their family’s, too! As you start researching graduation party ideas, one of the first things you’ll find is that you will probably need to rent tables, chairs, and other items. If you’re planning a party for your grad either in a park or your own backyard, you’ll want to remember these key things to rent for a graduation party before diving into that box of vintage, embarrassing photos.

Table Rentals

Once your guests have RSVP’d or you at least have an estimate for a headcount, you can figure out how many tables you’ll need for your party. Consider these three main functions when renting your tables:

1) Food – Having a buffet is the best way to serve food at a graduation party. With long rectangle tables laid end to end, or an industrial table, you’ll be able to display your smorgasbord of sloppy joes, potato salad, cookie bars, and other potluck delicacies. If you’re having a larger party, consider leaving space on both sides of your tables to allow for two lines to pass through the buffet simultaneously.

2) Seating – Your guests will no doubt want to chat and have a comfortable place to eat and watch your homemade slideshow. Round or rectangle tables will do the trick. As a note, round tables take up more of a footprint but make for easier at-table conversations.

3) Gifts – Even with Amazon and Venmo, guests will still want to bring gifts and cards. Reserve a place for them. A great setup is to arrange two rectangle tables in a ninety-degree angle, with a highboy table at the joint to not only display your cake, but to keep it safe from little ones wanting to steal a dollop of frosting. Gift tables can also be a home for framed pictures.

Linen Rentals

Since graduation parties are usually informal by nature with children running about, tablecloths with a mid-drop length will suit your party just fine. Choose among rental linens of various colors and textures. The colors of your alma mater are a great way to theme your party.

Check out this linen size rental guide to help you choose the best linens for your event!

Chair Rentals

Being an informal event, you do not need to rent chairs for every guest, as not everyone will be sitting down at once. However, ensuring proper seating is available will be a critical factor in your guests’ enjoyment. The classic folding chair will provide perfect seating without taking up too much space, and is a cost-effective option for chair rentals.

Tent Rental

Although graduation parties popularly occur in the summer months, a chance of less than ideal weather is always a possibility. Regardless if it’s sunny and 75 or a forecast of cloudy skies, you’ll want to protect your guests and food from the elements. The tent you rent will depend largely on the size of your party as well as your ability or inability to stake it into the ground.

1) Pole Tent – Rent a pole tent for a more intimate party, and only if you’re able to stake into the ground. Make sure you have ample room, as you’ll need about five to eight additional feet on each side for ropes and stakes.

2) Frame Tent – Supported by its frame rather than stakes, the frame tent can be set up on virtually any surface and has a narrower footprint than the pole tent. There are also no center poles to obstruct your space.

For more details regarding which tent is right for your event, check out this tent rental guide.

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