Hosting an At-Home Oscars Party

| Industry Insight

The Academy Awards – perhaps better known as the Oscars – air this Sunday, February 24. Sorry to spit in your champagne, but if you haven’t received your gilded invitation by now, you’re probably not going to. But this is a good thing. It is! Why? Because now you can host your very own Oscars party!

Here’s how.

Roll out the Red Carpet

Weather permitting, of course. Welcome your guests by laying a red runner down your front porch steps or your sidewalk. A two-second search for “buying a red carpet” proved they’re easier (and cheaper) to come by than you’d think!

Dress to Impress

And tell your guests to, too! This event calls for all the glitz and glam – bring on the bowties and backless dresses, sparkles, sequins, you-name-it.

If you’d rather not spend the night in evening attire, dress up as your favorite actor or character from one of this year’s nominated films. Lady Gaga or Black Panther, anyone?

Deck out Your Decor

Deck out your tables in shimmer gold linen and fancy tableware. We love the Paradise Rim collection! If you don’t have a ton of tables, consider renting a few highboy tables which are great for your guests to socialize around while sipping champagne and snacking on hors d’oeuvre.

A few tables are also a great way to spread out your decorations. Some poppin’ centerpieces can really turn your party from bland to glam! Caramel popcorn in champagne flutes is sweet on the eyes, and the tastebuds. Also, take a walk down any candy aisle and you’ll see the shining potential for bowls of gold-wrapped chocolates like Ferraro Rocher, Hershey’s Kisses with almonds, Rollos, and more to become fanciful Oscar party decorations.

Mix it up

Your guests can become mixologists when you set up a cocktail and champagne bar. Have a variety of alcohol and mixers as well as fruit, fancy straws – and don’t forget the ice! – for people to create their own signature cocktails. You can even design a handful of recipe cards for inspiration.

Since this party is a little about the Oscars – and a lot about you showing off your glam hostess skills – you’ll want to make sure you’re providing the right glassware. Check out this guide where you’ll find all of our recommendations for glassware based on your drink menu.

Feed Your Friends

You’ll definitely want to feed your guests; if you don’t, they may never attend another one of your parties. But, there’s no need to break the bank. Have a potluck where everyone brings a dish, or plan on serving snacks. With the invention of edible glitter, you can make just about any dish fit into your Oscar theme.

You can also opt for a good ol’ fashioned pizza party, or for fancier fare, perhaps sushi and caviar.

Pop-up Paparazzi

What are the Academy Awards without paparazzi? Although photobooths can be pricey to rent, seeing as how it’s a Sunday night and they’re unlikely to get a booking this close to the date, you can always call up a DJ who may have one and see if they will rent it to you at a discounted rate.

Or, if you’re more of a DIYer, make your own photo backdrop for people to snap their own #selfies. You can even have instant cameras available for instant memories! These mini glitter frames make the perfect party favor!

And the Award Goes to…

Just like when we searched for the red carpet, customizable Oscar trophies are surprisingly easy to come by! Most replica trophies are around ten dollars or less, and offer free engraving. You can alternate award announcements – and speeches, of course – during commercial breaks. Have a few silly award categories, such as: “Most Awkward Laugh” or “Makes the Best Taco Dip”.

Thanks for checking out our tips for hosting an at-home Oscars Party! If you look forward to viewing the Academy Awards every year and are perhaps planning a larger-scale event, Well Dressed Tables can help with all of your rental needs, from tableware, flatware, chairs, and more!