Throwing Parties for Adult Birthdays

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Adulting isn’t always fun. Sure, we can stay up past our self-imposed bedtimes and eat candy for dinner, but we have, ugh, responsibilities. For this reason alone, it’s important – nay, necessary – to celebrate all of life’s milestones, even ones that don’t end in “0”.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a slew of adult birthday party ideas suitable for any budget, any time of the year!

A Fun Night In

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? If you really want to emphasize the fact that IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY, we recommend watching movies about birthdays. 13 Going on 30 or Sixteen Candles, anyone? You can even theme your party around the movie you’re watching!

If you want to go all out, rent a popcorn maker for a true at-home movie theatre experience!

A Pampered Party

Call up all your girlfriends for an evening of facials, manis, pedis, and makeovers! If you or someone in your group of friends is willing to do them, fabulous! Otherwise, there are plenty of freelance makeup artists who will come to your home.

Once you’re looking and feeling fine, you may even want to hit up your favorite cocktail lounge. Make sure you get a group photo!


This idea takes the cake, seriously. The concept is simple: everyone bakes a cake, and you take turns trying everyone’s confections. It’s the best way to add delicious variety – and an overload of buttercream and sprinkles – to your party!

And we’re not finished here. You’ve no doubt seen the ever-trending cake smash photoshoots. You probably missed the bus, but who says you can’t still set up your own (belated) cake smash? Your friends and family will find your photos hilarious!

Out and About

Roller Skating Rink

Remember in elementary school when your entire class would take a field trip to the roller rink, and you wore glow sticks and drank neon slushies while skating to The YMCA? Recreate these memories by inviting all your friends to meet you out for roller skating!

If you really want to get into the retro theme, tell your guests to wear 80’s or 90’s prom attire. It’ll be a totally tubular night, for sure!

Pool Party

A pool party is the perfect way to keep cool and prove to all your friends that age is just a number! There are so many fun floats to choose from – flamingos, swans, unicorns, and pizza slices. Serve lighter fare like appetizers and fruit kabobs.

And hey, where are those glow sticks? When it gets dark, toss them into the pool for a luminous surprise!

Backyard BBQ

There’s no better excuse to get your grill on than a birthday BBQ! Grill up some ribs, brats, and burgers – and don’t forget the potato salad! Renting a tent will keep friends and family sheltered from the rain, and picnic-style tables work great for seating.

For a truly traditional BBQ picnic, dress your tables in nostalgic checkered linens!

Brewery Tour

For the craft brew enthusiast, brewery tours are a tasty and interactive way to spend your birthday. Who wouldn’t love to go behind the scenes to see where the good stuff is made? Plus, since it’s your birthday, all your friends owe you a beer, right?

Some breweries even have event spaces for larger parties. Call ahead if you’re bringing a big group and reserve your own private room!

Fancy Fetes

Wine Tasting

If craft beer isn’t your vibe, perhaps you’d rather reserve a tasting at your local winery. No doubt, the sommelier can recommend a dessert wine to pair with that slice of cake!

Create fun, personalized charms for all your guests’ wine glasses. Not only will they help identify whose glass is whose, they’re also excellent party favors!

But First...Brunch

Yeah yeah, you’ll get to celebrating…once you’ve downed this stack of buttermilk pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles. You know what goes great with brunch? Birthday mimosas.

If you’re not too keen on cake in the morning, serve muffins or donuts!

Dinner Party

What better way to celebrate another successful year than with a classy dinner party? Host at home or rent a venue, and make it special! Send out invitations and have your guests come in fancy attire – cocktail dresses, cufflinks, the whole shebang. After all, you only turn 29 or 35 or 53 (insert age here) once!

To make the occasion especially special, ask the mixologist (or you can do it yourself) to create a signature birthday cocktail for you! Here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect glassware for it.

Whether you’re 21, 33, or the big “whatever-0”, you have all the reason in the world to celebrate your birthday! However you choose to party, Well Dressed Tables is happy to accommodate any and all of your rental needs, from tents to tableware, and everything in between!