3 Simple Reasons to Rent Linens for Your Special Event

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“Should I rent or buy linens?”

It’s a question that many event planners ask as they prep for a special day.

We suggest renting linens as a great way to simplify event prep. If you’ve got a menu to plan, decorations to consider, and countless other items to order, it’s a relief to have someone else handle the linens!

Here’s a look at 3 key benefits to renting table linens:

1. Easy Set Up / Clean Up.

Well Dressed Tables and other rental outfits deliver linens directly to your event venue on the day-of. (You won’t have to store 80 lbs. of napkins and tablecloths in your guest bedroom / extra office leading up to the event.) You can expect your linens to show up clean and pressed, exactly when you need them.

When the event is over – you don’t have to worry about the linens. We’ll provide bags for the used linens, and Well Dressed Tables will handle the dirty laundry.

2. Higher-Quality Linens.

You don’t have to take a chance on product quality when you rent. Well Dressed Tables rents out high-quality linens that you can actually look at before you make a purchase. You’ll be able to look at our “linen book,” which has fabric samples of each piece. To ensure the final look meets your expectations, we’ll even set up a real table with your linens – tablecloth, chair covers, napkins, etc.

3. Any Color. Any Fabric. Same Cost!

Linens don’t have to be black and white. Rent a colorful or specialty linen to reflect your event’s theme or your wedding colors. Well Dressed Tables charges by the size of a linen, not by color or fabric, so you can select a standard or specialty fabric in any color at no added cost!

Your Next Steps

When you plan to rent linens, there are several easy things to do before you reach out to Well Dressed Tables:

  • Double-check table count.
    How many tables do you have? Don’t forget to consider your head table and/or banquet tables as well as guest tables.
  • Know your table shapes / sizes!
    You can’t rent a round linen for a square table.
  • Think about your look.
    How far do you want linens to drop? You can have linens drape the floor, drape ¾ down, or drop to the seat level.

Now it’s time for the exciting part – picking colors!

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