Chiavari Chairs: Five Reasons to Rent Them

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Chiavari Chairs, also known as the Chiavarina or Tiffany chair, were invented in 1807 by a cabinetmaker in Chiavari, a town on the northwestern coast of Italy. The chairs made quite an impression with their decorative elements and lightweight structure, and soon became the most popular seating options for weddings and other luxurious events.

Although they briefly fell from favor after the introduction of the cheaper, mass-produced Austrian chair, today, chiavari chairs are loved by event planners and hosts for more reasons than one. In fact, here are five reasons to rent chiavari chairs for your next event.

1. Unmatched Elegance

With their slight curvature and spindle designs, chiavari chairs add an extra touch of class to any event. With a classic yet contemporary beauty, their simple elegance enhances the atmosphere of corporate dinners, wedding receptions, award ceremonies, and more.

2. Comfort is Key

Do your lovely guests a service and rent chiavari chairs with cushions. Not only will you enhance their comfort, but the colors of the cushions can also serve as a design aspect. Well Dressed Tables includes your choice of white, ivory, or black seat cushions with your chiavari chair rentals.

3. Coordinating Colors

Choosing the right chair for your event is instrumental in the overall ambiance. Once you’ve decided on chiavari chairs, you’ll have to choose what color you want. Chiavari chairs colors range from timeless mahogany to a modern silver finish. Well Dressed Tables offers Chiavari Chairs in black, mahogany, white, gold, and silver. Here are some tips on how to theme chiavari chairs colors to your event:

Gold chiavari chairs are the epitome of luxury. Reserved for the most lavish parties, gold chiavari chairs are perfect for celebrating weddings and anniversaries. Imagine having gold chiavari chairs at your wedding with tables draped in coral majestic linen for a sweet romantic milieu. For a regal appeal, dress your tables in blue navy linen and rent Gold Titan Arezzo flatware.

Black chiavari chairs make a bold statement. They’re great for wedding receptions, award ceremonies, and corporate events. For a touch of ethereal beauty, place a silver bead charger at each place setting and cover your tables in black matte satin linen.

Mahogany chiavari chairs inspire warmth and rustic charm. Pair them with ivory cushions for a pretty pastoral appeal at your farm chic wedding. To add color and interest, the open-backed structure of the chair invites additions like floral elements and burlap sashes.

White chiavari chairs are clean and classic. What bride wouldn’t love a garden filled with white chiavari chairs as she walks down the aisle? Pair white chiavari chairs with a white cushion for a romantic ambiance, while pairing them with a black cushion will add a contemporary aspect, perfect for a black tie affair.

Silver chiavari chairs are modern and beautiful. Rent silver chiavari chairs and pair with hunter majestic linens to transform a boring corporate dinner into a whimsical winter wonderland!

4. A Solid Choice

The best of both worlds, chiavari chairs are lightweight and sturdy, with each chair weighing only ten to twelve pounds. They’re easily stackable, too, which makes them almost effortless to transport and set up. Beechwood chiavari chairs offer warmth and affordability, while resin chiavari chairs are more solid and less prone to show dents or scratches.

5. Value of Versatility

The versatility of chiavari chairs adds value to their overall investment. Because they’re so lightweight and stackable, they can easily be repurposed. For example, at weddings, they can be used as ceremony seating and moved to another location for reception seating. Their minimalist architecture also allows for added design elements such as floral arrangements, ribbons, and more.

Selecting the right chairs will make all the difference in the overall ambiance at your celebration. If you’re getting married and wondering which chairs might be best for your wedding, check out the Bride’s Guide to Table and Chair Rentals.

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