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Fabulous dress? Check. Spectacular venue? Check. Guest list? Check. What should be next on your over-abundant “honey do” before the “I dos” list? I’ll bet you something blue you wouldn’t guess that the next important things to consider are the table and chair rentals.

With your wedding day plate full, it can be too easy to let table and chair rentals slip into an afterthought. Don’t fall into that trap. Your guests will spend the majority of the wedding at that table and in those chairs. And where else would you display that ornate eight-tiered butter cream masterpiece? But with so many options, how do you know what kind of tables you need and how do you pick which table and chair pairing is right for your special day?

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular chair styles to help you find your perfect match plus essential table types to include.

Favorite Chair Styles for your Wedding Day


Whether you’re saying your vows in front of a backdrop of willow trees or enjoying the delicious cuisine at the Turner Hall ballroom, the Chiavari chair is the epitome of simple elegance. Often sighted at high-profile and glamorous events like the Oscars and celebrity weddings, the Chiavari chair is beautiful and, with a narrow footprint, it’s space-conscious, making it the perfect event chair.

With options in white, black, mahogany, silver, and for that lavish touch—gold, the Chiavari will always perfectly accent your event with style and elegance.


Modern weddings can be classic or contemporary- from a black tie affair at Villa Terrace to a five-star reception at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

For the chic, minimalist bride, the mirage chair is a quiet way to make a bold statement. Completely transparent, mirage chairs are the perfect barely-there seating option that will draw your guests’ attention to all of the stunning details, from your carefully chosen tableware to your centerpieces dripping with crystals.

For a bold, alternative look, make a statement with black folding chairs. Or, soften those sleek lines and add a pop of color by dressing your chairs with a chair cover and a sash.


Enhance the rustic feel of your elegant barn wedding with farm chairs. Crafted of beechwood and with the option to add a light beige cushion, your guests can enjoy your ceremony in comfort. Swathed in the natural light that will slip through the barnwood slats, the simple ‘x’ design will add just the right contemporary accent.


Nothing says garden wedding like two rows of white garden folding chairs. As versatile as they are affordable, you can add your own personal touch by draping greenery or other charming accents over their simple backs. Also, add a bit of enchantment to each row as well as your aisle by hanging a mason jar with a tea light on the aisle-facing sides. The garden folding chair is also available in black, mahogany or natural oak finish for weddings with a richer color scheme.

Extra tip: Don’t forget about your cocktail hour! Whether you choose the Black Padded Barstool, the elegant Chiavari Barstool, or for a more country look, the Farm Barstool, there’s a bar stool to match your style. Pair any one of these stools—or an assortment of them—with the Highboy table (aka Pub Table) and the lower Cabaret table to encourage mingling.

Essential Tables for Your Wedding Day

In order to decide on the shape of your dinner tables, you’ll want to figure in the size of your reception venue, the size of your guest list, and how much you want to invest in tabletop design. Who knew tables could be so hard?! Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry, here’s an easy breakdown of the essential tables you’ll need on your wedding day.

Round versus Rectangular
Before we get too deep into tables, you need to first decide, do you want round or rectangle?

Round tables encourage conversation amongst the tables—as long as centerpieces don’t interfere with line of sight—and they don’t take up much space.

Rectanglular tables create a more intimate setting due to the close proximity of the chairs. Although the tables themselves are generally a more affordable option than round tables, you may find yourself recouping that deficit by investing in more centerpieces.

Can’t decide what’s right for you? Mixing and matching table shapes is also an option. This creates a unique layout and can add to the geometric design of a contemporary wedding.

The Head Table

The head table is typically a rectangular table set on a riser. The problem with this traditional type of head table is that your wedding party will more than likely not be seated near their plus ones, and conversation with more than the two people on either side of you is difficult.

Instead, consider a smaller sweetheart table. A small round, square, or serpentine table will allow you and your groom some much-needed time alone (albeit on display) and permit your wedding party to socialize with the guests.

The Check-In Table

You’ll need a place for your guests to claim their name cards. Round or rectangle tables work well for this. Again, consider the theme of your wedding. For a modern wedding, choose a rectangle table so you can arrange the cards in straight rows and columns. For a vintage wedding, rent a round table so you can arrange them in a fanciful semicircle.

The Cake Table

The round table takes the cake on this one. Your wedding cake is probably the most expensive and significant cake you will ever buy. You want your guests to be able to marvel at the beauty of the fondant petals and butter cream swirls from all angles.

Extra Tip: If yours is a smaller cake, you may want to display it on a Highboy table. The extra height will really make it dazzle!

Gift Table

Many couples think they can get by without having a gift table, but the fact of the matter is, even if you tell your guests, “No gifts,” at least a handful of them will come bearing gifts. Unlike the cake table, you want the gift table to be tucked away a little so as not to interfere with foot traffic. Rent a rectangle or small round table that you can slide flush against the wall, and feel free to add candy jars or framed engagement pictures to encourage regular visitors.

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