Table Rentals 101: How to Get Started

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If you’re hosting an event, whether it’s a corporate or charity dinner or celebrating a personal milestone like a birthday party or wedding, you will likely need to rent tables. We’ve created this informational guide that includes everything you need to know about table rentals to help you get started planning your event!

Types of Table Rentals

When planning out your table rentals, there are two vital questions you’ll need to answer: What is your event and how many guests are you expecting?

If it’s a formal event with a dinner, you will need a seat––and room at the table––for every individual. If the occasion is less formal, then you may decide to offer only some seating and a mix of cocktail tables and round tables for easy socializing. Highboy tables are perfect for cocktail parties as guests have a place to lean and set their drinks, and don’t require chairs.

The degree of formality in conjunction with how many guests you’re expecting will help you decide on the number of table rentals you’ll need. Space is also something to consider. While rectangular tables make the most effective use of your space, round tables make conversations among tables easier, as long as the centerpieces aren’t too obstructing.

Contact an Event Rental Company

Research event rental companies in your area. Read reviews and ask friends for recommendations. Once you decide on a trusted vendor, you can call or email for a quote. This will put you in touch with an event specialist.

Provide the specialist with details of your event, especially how many guests you’re expecting and the occasion. The consultant will know that formal events, such as a wedding or corporate gatherings, often require more seating––and therefore more tables––than something more casual like a birthday celebration or a cocktail party. They can also recommend additional tables you may not readily think of, such as a gift table, cake table, buffet tables, and more.

Table Linen Rentals

Upon their delivery, the tables will not be ready to go. Consider your event in advance, and think about what types of table runners or table linen rentals you might need. Formal events typically require longer tablecloths, while less formal get-togethers need only a short-to-mid length linen.
For additional information on linen rentals, check out this table and linen rental size guide.

Theme is important, too. A backyard BBQ will call for much different decor than a corporate cocktail party. Other adornments to consider are centerpieces and tableware.

Whatever the occasion, the event specialists at Well Dressed Tables are happy to help you find the best table rentals. Contact them today for a free quote!