Quick List – 5 Table Rentals You Need to Remember

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For most events – especially weddings or corporate events – it’s easy to forget about table rentals until the last moment. To help you plan ahead, here’s a look at every table you might need for an upcoming event, plus our product ideas.

1. Guest Tables

The standard tables for guest seating are a 60” round table and an 8’ banquet table, and both seat 6-8 people. The rounds encourage mingling; banquet tables can be put together to create longer family-style tables. 60” square tables are a modern option.

3. Cocktail Tables

For any cocktail hour, highboy tables (also called pub tables) are the way to go. They encourage moving about the room, provide a great place to set drinks – and more guests will fit standing at a highboy than seated at a standard-height table.

4. Check-In Table

The check-in table is where your guests pick up name badges or place cards and perhaps, sign a guest book or register for the event. For most guest lists, you can’t go wrong with a classic 6’ rectangular table or 60″ round table.

5. Cake Table

The size of your cake or featured dessert will help determine the size of your table. The 48” round table is a great place to start, but we’d be happy to provide guidance when you have details about the cake’s size from your bakery.

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