Your Simple Guide to Tableware and Flatware

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You and your bridal party aren’t the only ones who will be dressed to the nines at your wedding–your tables will need to be looking their best, too! Once you’ve chosen your linens (check out linen options here), the next step is choosing your tableware and flatware.

As you’ve likely discovered with just about everything up to this point in your wedding planning process, there’s more than you might think when it comes to choosing tableware and flatware. For instance, the perfect dinnerware will tie into your wedding theme and double as part of your decor.

To help you decide on which tableware and flatware to rent, here are five popular wedding themes matched with their perfect table settings.


Planning a rustic wedding means saying goodbye to matching tableware! Mismatched pieces create a vintage vibe. Some ambitious couples collect antique dishes from thrift stores and relatives. Though it adds a cozy charm, this endeavor can be time intensive and–believe it or not–not always the most cost effective. If you’re not up to the challenge of assembling your own hodge-podge collection of dinnerware but still want that DIY element, you might look to Mother Nature to provide by using thin wood slices for your chargers. The Bone collection will complement your lace and rustic decor, and as a second option, you can pair the Ivory with Gold Rim Dinner Plates with the Antique Mosaico Charger for a touch of rich elegance.

Depending on your metallic accent – if any – the Gold Flatware and Stainless Steel Flatware both have ornate designs on the handles for vintage appeal. And keep in mind that the flatware doesn’t necessarily end at your guests’ tables. We think the Silver Cake Server is a beautiful way to serve that first piece of wedding cake!

Urban Vintage

Urban Vintage-style weddings are a recent and popular emergence into the wedding scene and we are loving it! Urban Vintage weddings are exactly what they sound like – vintage-style weddings with a modern or urban edge; they’re often accomplished by incorporating metallic accents into decor and tableware.

The Silver or Gold Bead Charger Plate is the perfect marriage of urban and vintage themes. The beads are reminiscent of classic pearls and at the same time, add a pop of metallic. Pair either of these chargers with the White Square Dinner Plate for the ultimate blend of modern and vintage elements!

For flatware, we recommend either the Hammered Antique Flatware for a unique, weighted utensil or, if your accent metal is gold, the Gold Titan Arezzo Flatware.


Modern weddings are known for sharp, geometric angles and clean lines. The Whittier collection is simple, sophisticated, and everything you could want in dinnerware, offering an array of square white plates, from 14” platters to smaller salad/dessert plates.

If you gravitate toward the more classic, circular settings, however, you may also consider the Black Rim Charger Plate which has a clear glass center paired with a Black Dinner Plate. Although the round plate is considered to be more classic, the clear glass and black rim make this a bold and contemporary choice.

The Marseilles Flatware is elegant yet minimal, making it the perfect companion to any plate setting at a modern wedding.


Whether inspired by the white sand beaches, gulls, sails, or tide-washed shells, the color white is a signature element of beachside weddings. Therefore, there is simply no better choice than the Royal White collection which features lightweight porcelain plates.

To complete your seaside theme, we recommend the Stainless Steel Flatware with Gold Tip which has ridges down the handle to mimic the ridges in the shells that you’ve more than likely incorporated into your wedding decor.

Enchanted Garden

With fairy lights and verdant scenery, Enchanted Garden weddings are another favorite here at Well Dressed Tables! And what’s not enchanting about the Alpine Silver Charger – clear hammered glass with a hand painted silver rim. Stack the Silver Line Dinner Plate on top to create a magical combination that will reflect the twinkling lights.

Hammer Forged Silver Flatware will perfectly complement the Alpine Silver Charger, and for a truly illusionary atmosphere, consider renting Mirage Chairs.

If you’re having a family-style or buffet dinner, don’t forget about your serving utensils! Well Dressed Tables has a full collection of Hammer Forged serving pieces to accommodate your shareable dishes.

No matter what your wedding theme is, our experts at Well Dressed Tables are happy to help you select the perfect tableware and flatware rentals. Contact us today for a quote!