Wedding Chair Rentals to Fit Your Theme

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What is your wedding theme? It’s undoubtedly one of the top five questions you’ll be asked, either by vendors or invitees, from the time you announce your engagement to the time you say your vows.

Mint and coral, you might think. Or navy and silver. But, wedding themes are more than a color scheme, though the colors do play an important role in bringing your concepts to life. The good news is that your theme can be as simple or specific as you want it to be, from highlighting your favorite era to your favorite movie.

When couples think of wedding themes, decor immediately comes to mind. But, did you know that your chair rentals can enhance your theme, too? We’ve paired ten unique wedding themes with their ideal chair rental to give you inspiration when planning your experience of a lifetime.

Chiavari Chair Rentals

The chiavari chair is one of the most popular wedding chair styles, and it’s easy to see why! This elegant and lightweight chair looks beautiful bare or adorned with simple ornaments.

1) Romantic Weddings

Romantic weddings exude love and enchantment. Your guests will be feeling all the sentimental feels as they gather in a garden or atrium with low-hanging lights and lush floral arrangements. The chiavari chair is both a functional and decorative element to your romantic wedding theme, and can be chosen in a variety of colors to include: white, black, mahogany, gold, and silver.

2) Roaring 20’s Weddings

When it comes to planning your Roaring 20’s-themed wedding, it’s all about the glitz and glam. Art-deco accents, feathers, fringes, and vintage vibes will make this soiree a night to remember. Add a metallic touch with chiavari chair rentals in gold or silver. For inspiration, check out our lookbook featuring an elegant 20’s-themed wedding.

Farm Chair Rentals

Farm chairs embody rustic elegance. Lightweight and stackable, farm chairs can easily be repurposed from the ceremony to the reception.

3) Rustic Weddings

Abundant with homespun touches and relaxed charm, rustic weddings are a longstanding favorite among themes. Farm chairs are a comfortable seating option, and their crossback design provides the opportunity to decorate with with burlap, lace, or other desirable decor.

4) Boho Chic Weddings

Bohemian weddings are beloved for natural beauty paired with pops of color and texture. Enhance the aesthetics of your farm chair rentals by draping the backs with macrame or laurels.

Metal Folding Chair Rentals

Metal folding chairs are a classic option, especially when it comes to weddings with a large guest count. Folding chairs are easily set up and taken down, and can double as both ceremony and reception chairs. Plus, sharp angles make for a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

5) Rock ‘n’ Roll Weddings

Black folding chairs will compliment your decor, from your vinyl record place settings to your guitar case card box. A comfortable seating option for both the ceremony and reception, metal folding chair rentals will ensure you and your guests can rock the dance floor all night long.

6) Steampunk Weddings

Steampunk weddings marry Victorian-era fashion with science fiction, making the metal folding chair the perfect choice for seating your event. Bold colors and metallic design elements are essential to transporting your guests to an alternate timeline. Bring on the corsets and clocks, suspenders, suitcases, and more!

Mirage Chair Rentals

Also called ghost chairs for their translucent appearance, mirage chairs are made entirely of acrylic or lucite. They’re lightweight, stackable, and often chosen for their ethereal elegance and simple design.

7) Enchanted Garden Wedding

Fairy lights, shimmery linens, and lush laurels are the ingredients for an enchanted garden wedding. Mirage chair rentals add minimalist and modern beauty without distracting from table settings.

8) Winter Wonderland Wedding

Have an ice-inspired wedding with mirage chairs and clear glass tableware. Blue uplighting and sparkling tree branches will create a perfect winter wonderland wedding. For a fantastical touch, add an ice luge for specialty cocktails!

Garden Folding Chair Rentals

Garden folding chairs are the most versatile seating option for weddings. They are ideal for both formal and informal, outdoor or indoor, and traditional or contemporary weddings.

9) Geometric Weddings

Modern couples love the geometric wedding theme. Push your theme forward by incorporating these sharp, abstract designs into your invitations, ceremony backdrop, decor, and even your seating with classic garden folding chair rentals.

10) Beach Weddings

Nothing says beach wedding like white garden folding chairs on warm sand. Light, breezy table linens and pastel shells will enhance your nautical theme, whether your event is taking place on a beach or in a venue.

Do you have a wedding theme picked out by now? No matter what theme you choose to celebrate with, it should be something that reflects your personality as a couple. Contact the Well Dressed Tables team to learn more about tables and chair rentals, and other elements that best suit your theme. We have a lot more wedding rentals to explore!