Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Rentals

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First comes love, then comes…buying the rings, booking the venue, and all the wedding rentals. And that’s just the beginning.

We know that most couples aren’t going to purchase a hundred chiavari chairs they’ll never use again. You can forget about linen napkins and fancy flatware, too. Rather, the sensible couple who prefers to save their honeymoon fund for, well, their honeymoon, will seek out wedding rentals for the majority of their event essentials.

From stylish pieces to crowd pleasers, we’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about wedding rentals, including:

  • Must-have wedding rentals
  • Essential questions to ask your event rental company

1. Wedding Chair Rentals

Proper seating is one of the most important things to check off your list of non-negotiable product rentals. Between the ceremony and reception, your guests will spend a good amount of time in their chairs. You’ll want to ensure they’re comfortable, without sacrificing aesthetics and remaining within your budget.

For example, Well Dressed Tables offers a variety of chair rentals, from classic folding chairs to romantic chiavari chairs and rustic farm chairs. Mirage chairs are minimalist and stackable, and don’t forget seating for your tiny guests! High chairs and booster seats are also available to rent.

Our Bride’s Guide to Table and Chair Rentals has details to help you choose the perfect chair style!

2. Wedding Table Rentals

There really are two choices when it comes to renting dinner tables: round or rectangular. The orientation you choose depends on your layout. As a rule, you can fit more rectangular tables in a given space than you can round tables. But, if space isn’t an issue, round tables are great because they are optimal for at-table conversations.

Typically, the head table where the bride and groom sit with their wedding party is a rectangular table on a riser. However, it’s becoming more popular––especially with smaller weddings that may not include a bridal party––for couples to sit at a sweetheart table. The round cabaret table makes the perfect sweetheart table.

As you plan your layout, you might be surprised to realize you’ll need to rent more than just dinner tables. Even if you request no gifts, many guests will still bring one. Make it easy for them by having a designated gift table where you can also display your card box and some photos.

The cake table is an important rental that is often overlooked. If you think about it, your wedding cake is likely the most expensive and elaborate dessert you will ever buy. Display it proudly on a highboy table to ensure your guests can see it and…remember those tiny guests? As a bonus, it will be out of reach of little fingers.

If you’re having a cocktail hour, guests will appreciate a few cocktail tables here and there for a place to set down their mixers while they mingle. And, if you’re having a buffet for dinner, set up a few rectangular tables end to end.

3. Wedding Tableware Rentals

Tableware rentals consist of plates and chargers, flatware, and glassware, as well as decorative pieces like card holders, vases, and candelabras.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to plan on three to four dinnerware rentals (glasses, flatware, plates) per person. Be creative with your choices, too! Check out our Simple Guide to Tableware and Flatware to choose flattering pieces for your wedding theme!

Deciding on what glassware to rent, however, depends entirely on your drink menu. If you’re hosting a cocktail hour, consider renting approximately three glasses per person. Our Glassware Rental Guide is available to help you pair each beverage with its appropriate glass.

4. Catering Equipment Rentals

There are so many ways to serve your guests at weddings these days. Whether you’re having your cuisine catered in by a restaurant, food trucks, or your family is coming together to make a feast fit for a celebration, Well Dressed Tables has catering equipment from beverage servers including stylish fountains and punch bowls, to chafers, platters, and more.

5. Bar Rentals

If you’re planning to host your event at an alternative venue or outdoors, renting a bar might well be in your scope. Well Dressed Tables has portable bar options available. Hire a few friends to play bartender for the evening, and impress your guests with a signature cocktail!

6. Wedding Tent Rentals

Renting a tent is a must for any outdoor wedding. A tent provides as much visual appeal as it does protection from the elements, whether your day brings you good luck sprinkles or abundant sunshine. Tent styles range from the whimsical pole tents and tension tents that require stakes in the ground to frame tents and clearspan tents that can be erected virtually anywhere. Read our comprehensive Wedding Tent Rental Guide for details on each tent style.

7. Dance Floor Rental

No wedding reception is complete without the newlyweds’ first dance, not to mention the long-awaited father/bride and mother/groom dances, and unless it’s on your no-play list, the infamous chicken dance. Make your wedding truly a night to remember with a dance floor rental from Arena Americas, a proud partner of Well Dressed Tables.

Essential Questions to Ask your Event Rental Company

Now that you have an idea of what types of wedding rentals you’ll need, your next step is to call for a quote. Here is a list of essential questions to ask your event rental company. If you’ve been reading up on your wedding blogs, you might already be familiar with some of these questions. However, we’ve done some of the leg work for you by gathering insight from a Well Dressed Tables event specialist as to why these questions are important to include in your wedding rentals conversation.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

All legitimate event rental companies will be licensed and insured, as they want to protect their investment, which is the quality equipment they provide.

Well Dressed Tables has been a fully licensed, compliant, and established company since April 2013. We also offer a rental equipment protection plan that can be purchased for an additional 10% of the rental fee that will cover any accidental damage to inventory while on rent; however, it does not cover gross negligence, misuse, abuse or theft.

2. Can we view items prior to renting?

Look Books are great for inspiration. But to truly curate your own personalized atmosphere, you’ll want to mix and match your chargers and linens, feel the weight of your flatware, and marry different table decor.

Well Dressed Tables encourages clients to visit one of their many showrooms, meet with a consultant; and explore options, looks, and setting configurations to bring your vision into reality.

3. Can you provide recommendations to enhance my theme?

Consultants from a reputable event rental company have seen a theme or two. In fact, they’ve probably helped couples choose products to complement a theme similar, if not identical, to yours before. But, if yours truly happens to be a never-before-seen mashup of Mars meets Winterfell, well, then, at the very least, any consultant worth her salt will be able to suggest products to make your unique theme come to life.

Our Simple Guide to Tableware and Flatware features a few favorite wedding themes and products to pair with them.

4. Will you help us stay within our budget?

As luxe and lavish as your wedding vision may be, it’s important to stay within your budget.

Well Dressed Tables offers a vast array of products at various price points. With a diverse range of inventory combined with experienced consultants, we can help you achieve your desired look with any budget.

5. Are all taxes and service fees quoted up front?

A big part of staying within your budget is knowing exactly how much everything costs. You’ll want to be sure that your event rental company is being transparent with you by itemizing and clearly displaying taxes and charges on the estimate.

6. How broad is the spectrum of products that you offer?

Wedding planning is tough enough. By the time you book the venue, say yes to the dress, hire the photographer, and everything else, wouldn’t it be great to get all of your rental equipment from one place?

Well Dressed Tables is equipped with appropriate rental solutions for casual backyard weddings to elite, high-profile events. From linens to flatware, tent rentals, and helping you select the perfect glasses for your cocktail menu, Well Dressed Tables is constantly updating our broad spectrum of products and capabilities.

7. When will our rented items be delivered to the venue?

Know when your rental equipment will be arriving so that you––or someone––can be there to communicate where to set up.

Although standard operating practices for Well Dressed Tables is to deliver equipment the day before the event, we are happy to accommodate any operational or logistical challenges as advised by the client or venue.

9. Have you set up at our location before?

This question is especially important if you’re renting a tent. If the event rental company is familiar with the location, they will be able to make recommendations on which type of tent you should attain.

10. When will delivery workers return to pick up all rented items?

The funny thing about rentals is that you have to return them. Know when to expect pick up of your rented items, and communicate this information to anyone who is helping you clean up.

Although standard operating practice for Well Dressed Tables is to deliver equipment the day before the event and collect the day after, we are willing to accommodate any operational or logistical challenges as advised by the client or venue.

11. How do we prepare rented items for pickup, ie. clean dishes, stack chairs, etc.?

All event rental companies are different. Be sure you know your responsibilities to avoid incurring additional charges.

If you rent from Well Dressed Tables, all rental equipment must be returned to the same boxes, manner, and area as they were on delivery and in the same condition in which the equipment was received. China and other food service equipment should be free of residue; however, final cleaning and sanitization is completed at our warehouse.

12. What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A crucial part to being prepared is knowing your event rental company’s cancellation and refund policy. Weddings take months to plan, and anything can happen in that timeframe. Know the policy and how to minimize your loss in the untimely event you have to cancel.

Well Dressed Tables requires a 50% non-refundable deposit for all rental contracts, with the total balance due before beginning the installation. Any cancellation of a rental contract must be submitted in writing at least seven days prior to the scheduled delivery of the equipment.

With all the to-do’s of planning a wedding, having the right event rental company can be invaluable, and after reading this post, you’re well on your way to becoming informed and prepared. Contact Well Dressed Tables and begin talking to a consultant today!