Wedding Tent Rentals

Many couples dream of celebrating their wedding day on the sand or under the stars. If you’re a bride who envisions herself sharing her first dance with the great outdoors, you’ve probably considered renting a tent for your romantic soiree.

Tents are a popular wedding venue for the coziness and ambiance they provide, not to mention they protect your party and decor from the elements. From backyards to botanical gardens, tents have the ability to transform virtually any location into a wedding reception that will wow your guests.

Before consulting with an event rental company, here are some important things you’ll want to consider.

Measure your Space for Your Party Tent Rental

No matter where you decide to host your canopied reception, your tent shouldn’t swallow your entire space. Depending on the tent, you may even need to figure in additional footage to account for stakes. Your guest count will be a prominent factor in determining the size of your tent. As a general rule, you should allot approximately 18 square feet of tent per guest to accommodate dinner and dancing.

Once you’ve decided how much space you’ll need, you’ll want to think about aesthetics and functionality.

Types of Tent Rentals

In addition to the desired look and utility of your tent, you’ll also want to consider your budget and the weather on the day of your event. Here are three diverse options to help you choose the perfect one!

Pole Tent

The classic pole tent has peaks created by center poles to create an often-desired whimsical look. They come in a variety of sizes, making them not only cost-effective, but extremely versatile.

Frame Tent

Unlike the pole tent, the frame tent has a narrower footprint and can be erected in a much smaller space. Supported by a framework of pipes in the canopy, the frame tent does not require center poles or stakes, which means it can be positioned on concrete or asphalt, and is clear of disruptions to your dance floor or dinner area.

If you prefer the elegance of the high peaks of the pole tent, but don’t want to stake the tent or have center poles, consider the High-Peak Frame Tent.

Clearspan Tent

Bring the outdoors in with a beautiful clearspan tent. The clearspan tent is the perfect venue for a sleek and modern wedding reception. Opt for clear wall paneling so you and your guests can dance the night away beneath the stars. Speaking of dancing, clearspan tents are suited to support heavy equipment such as speakers.

In addition to the tent, you may also want to rent accessories to enhance the enjoyment of your event such as air conditioners, outdoor heaters or a dance floor.

When you have a guest count and a location in mind, we would love to help you set up your wedding tent rental! Contact Well Dressed Tables today for a quote!