Five Wedding Themes for Fall

| Industry Insight

Some say September is the new June when it comes to wedding season. The vibrant colors of the changing leaves create a natural, breathtaking backdrop for photos, and with so many unique wedding themes for fall, even couples who always dreamed of a summer wedding may change their minds!

The key to for fall weddings is all about creating warmth. To accomplish this, contrast a jewel tone color palette with metallic accents, add natural elements, sprinkle with light, and last but not least, invite all of your closest family and friends.

Here are five of our favorite wedding themes for fall!

1. Starry Night Wedding

Midnight blue and metallic accents will make a dreamy color palette for your starry night wedding. Drape LED lights across the ceiling to create a twinkling atmosphere, and add tea lights to your centerpieces.

Dress your tables with the Royal Black Dazzle Linen to emulate the night sky, and brighten them with shining accents. For gold, we recommend the Paradise Rim Collection and Gold Titan Arezzo Flatware for your tableware rentals, and seat your guests in Gold Chiavari Chairs.

For a silver emphasis, Silver Chiavari Chairs will look stunning at both your reception and your ceremony. Compliment with the White with Silver Rim Dinnerware, and complete the look with matching servingware rentals to include:

2. Literary Wedding

Share your love of literature with your wedding guests by having a literary wedding theme. A literary wedding is an excellent wedding theme for fall, because an indoor venue inspires warmth and coziness. Don’t be surprised if your guests curl up with a book instead of cupid shuffling to the dance floor!

Authenticate your literary wedding theme by reserving a library as your venue. You can make bouquets from book pages, too, or incorporate them into your centerpieces.

The Ivory China with Gold Rim Collection has everything you need for a sophisticated dinner presentation, including teacups, and cream and sugar sets, so your guests can enjoy the comforts of tea and coffee. The ornate designs of the Gold Flatware will add elegance to your table settings.

Ensure your details don’t go unnoticed by choosing bold table linens, such as the Aubergine Linen, Green Forest Linen, or Blue Navy Linen. Check out our Table and Linen Size Rental Guide for help choosing the appropriate measurements.

With the right details in place, your literary wedding will be an excerpt straight out of a love story!

3. Enchanted Woodland Wedding

An enchanted woodland wedding theme is perfect for couples who love the transformation of nature in the fall. Invite the outdoors in with branches and other elements of the woods such as acorns, stones, and pinecones. Of course, a little glitter doesn’t hurt to ensure your guests really feel the enchantment.

Add pops of autumnal color by tying ribbons to the backs of Rustic Farm Chairs, and simply leave your tables naked to complete your sylvan theme, making your centerpieces the focus. Popular centerpieces for woodland weddings include wood slices, tea lights, and other decorative elements.

Clean and classic Bone Tableware paired with European Flatware makes a lovely table setting that won’t distract from your decorations.

4. Football Wedding

You know what they say about fall weddings, don’t you? They’re right smack in the center of football season. If you and your partner are diehard football fans who want to incorporate a little team spirit into your wedding, here’s how to do it.

Reserve the stadium for your fall wedding venue. Yes, it’s a thing. With their natural light, acoustics, and spaciousness, stadiums make spectacular wedding venues. You and your wedding party can head on out to the field for some sensational photos, and you can bet your guests will appreciate the experience of exploring behind-the-scenes of the stadium!

Decorate your tables in linens of your team’s colors. For seating options, the Classic Garden Folding Chair available in black, white, mahogany, or oakwood will add simplicity and class without drawing attention away from your sporty decor.

The White Square Dinner Plate is clean and contemporary, and depending on your metallic accent, we recommend either the Renzo Flatware or the Gold Titan Arezzo Flatware.

Of course, your wedding will be a touchdown, but make sure you earn that extra point by inviting your team’s mascot to the reception!

5. Harvest Wedding

This wouldn’t be a blog about wedding themes for fall if we didn’t include a harvest wedding. Celebrate your love for fall with pumpkins, gourds, and all things burlap. Make your bouquet a fiery palette bursting with berry-colored blooms and sunset oranges.

Dress your tables and your wedding party in jewel tones. We love the Burgundy Matte Satin Linen, especially when paired with the Antique Mosaico Charger, and there are so many beautiful autumn wedding party dresses to choose from.

The Royal White Collection will contrast beautifully with your jewel toned table linen, especially when coupled with the Royal Gold Flatware. For a more rustic theme, we love the Rustic Farm Chair, and if you want to impress your guests with elegance, the Gold Chiavari Chair will do the trick!

We hope you were able to gather inspiration for your fall wedding. Well Dressed Tables has friendly and knowledgeable consultants who are happy to help you with all of your fall wedding rental needs. Contact us today!